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Posted on 2006.05.06 at 22:09
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 Bones drabble written to try and get the voices back into my head.  I'm not happy with it.  Some bits aren't bad.  Others need more work.

Disclaimer - Bones and any character mentioned, don't belong to me. 

It was nearly midnight and Zach was still at his desk.  A stack of files sat at his right elbow, a smaller stack at his left.  He’d been working on that smaller stack all day.  Dr. Goodman had put them on his desk this evening and told him he had to double-check every piece of evidence mentioned in them had been properly handled and signed off on whenever it changed hand.  In any one case, the lab would handle dozens of pieces of evidence.  More.  Dr Goodman wanted him to check every case for the last six months.

He finished another folder and set it neatly on the left hand stack.  It was a logical and physical impossibility, of course, but Zach was almost sure that the right hand stack hadn’t gotten any smaller.  He scowled at it sulkily.

The elevator pinged a warning that the door was about to open.  Zach jumped and guiltily grabbed a new folder.  He flipped it open.  A sketched picture of a pretty young woman smiled up at him.  He typed the case number into the computer.  Her file had just appeared on his monitor when the elevator doors swung open and Angela stepped out. 

She looked around, squinting.

Tempe?” she called, putting her hands on her hips.  Her voice sounded annoyed.  Tempe are you working late again?  You told me you were going on a date!  If you keep this up then...”

Zach stood up sheepishly. 

“It’s just me,” he said.  “Professor Brennan left hours ago.”

Angela looked surprised.  “Oh,” she said.  “So what are you doing here still?”

She walked across the lab towards him.  Her hair was curly and swept up on top of her head, held up by a scattering of jewel-bright pins.  They were shaped like bugs and glittered against her dark brown hair.  Jack had given them to her for her birthday, Zach remembered.  She’d loved them.  Zach had given her a pair of gloves.  He’d tried to explain that he’d noticed her hands were always cold in the winter.  She was always tucking them into her armpits or rubbing them together.  Or sticking them down people’s backs and giggling when they jumped.  But Jack had interrupted and made a joke about last minute gifts – which it hadn’t been – and everyone had laughed.  Even Dr. Brennan.

“No one takes me seriously,” he told her, sitting down hard in his chair.  He crossed his arms over his chest and scowled at the computer.  His face was reflected in the screen.  It looked like he was pouting but he wasn’t.  Definitely.

Angela paused, mid-step.  Then she shrugged and came on over to his desk.  She set her sandals on top of the right hand stack and boosted herself up onto the desk. 

“What brought that on, sweetie?” she asked.

Zach just shrugged and pouted – scowled – harder.  After a wait, Angela sighed.  She bent forwards and rubbed at her foot, digging her fingers into the arch. 

“It’s been a long day,” she told him.  “I had to get the improvements I’d made to the holo tablet approved by the University board.  Five hours, trying to explain the equations to them and what the implications were.  Then, I realized I understood the equations.  Seeley was right.  I’m a squint.”

Zach rolled his eyes.  Like that had ever been in doubt.  Angela didn’t think the same way he and Tempe and Jack did.  Her methodology was more like Dr Goodman’s, instinct and left brain dependent.  But she was brilliant, in her own field.

“It’s not something to be ashamed of,” he said.

Angela just sighed.

“Then, I go out on a date.  The first one since...” she stopped, her hands still on her foot.  Then she sat up and shrugged.  Her smile was tired.  “Well, for a while.  He was a fanboy of my father’s.  How disturbing is that?  And then?  He left me at the restuarant.  Just drove off and left me there.  So I had to walk back here to get the keys to my car.  In my lovely, crippling new shoes.”

Zach unfolded his arms and poked the shoes.  The heel was long and needle thin and the body of the shoe seemed to be mostly thin, silver ribbons.

“They look very impractical,” he said.

This time the smile was Angela’s, a whole-hearted, brilliant smile that lit up her whole face.

“That, sweetie,” she said, poking him in the leg with her toes.  “Is the whole point.”

“I don’t understand,” Zach said.

“I know,” Angela said. 

Zach caught Angela’s foot in his hand.  He braced her heel against his thigh and rubbed his thumbs firmly over the arch of her foot.  Angela made an abortive attempt to wriggle her foot loose.  Then she made a throaty, purring sound and curled her toes.

“Oh, that feels good,” she said.  “Where did you learn to do that?”

“My uncle’s a podiatrist,” he said. “I used to have to work for him over the summer.”

He massaged the ball of her foot and then rubbed each toe carefully in turn.  Angela sighed when he finished.  Then she smiled sweetly at him and offered up her other foot.

“So?” she asked.  “Why are you here this late?”

Zach nodded at the monitor.  Angela twisted around to look at it.  She touched the photo displayed with a fingertip.

“Jessica Daniels,” she said.  “I remember the case.  Why are you looking at it again.”

“Because Dr. Goodman told me to check every case for the last six months,” Zach said.  “I think I’ve done something to upset him.”

Angela’s lips rounded around a silent OK.  She took her foot back when Zach finished massaging it.

“That sounds like a lot of work,” she said, sliding off the desk.  Her skirt had pulled up, flashing a long, toned thigh.  Zach looked and then snapped his gaze away.  He could feel his face heat up and, all of a sudden, his hands felt sticky.  Luckily Angela didn’t seem to notice.  She asked, “Look, do you want a hand?”

“I don’t think Dr Goodman would like that,” Zach said, sighing.

Angela looked at him.  Then she took a handful of the files from his desk.

“So, we don’t tell him.  He’s pushing too hard.  We’ll work till midnight, then, you’re going to crash at my place for the night.”

“But...” Zach pointed at the files.

Angela waved the files dismissively, the paper rustling.  She walked over to one of the other computers and turned it on, hooking a chair over with her foot.

“Did he tell you to do it all tonight?” she asked.

Zach started to say yes.  Then he wrinkled his nose and thought about what Dr. Goodman had actually said.

“He just told me to do them.  There was no timeframe mentioned,” he said.  “But if I get them done quickly then perhaps he’d be pleased with me?”

Angela looked over her shoulder at him.  She looked...odd.  Her expression was somewhere between sympathetic and guilty.

“It’s not going to happen,” she said.  “What will happen?  You’ll stay up all night doing this.  Then tomorrow you’ll be tired and you’ll make a mistake and get in more trouble.  Or, you can blow this off, experience the wonders of sleeping on my couch and I’ll tell Dr Goodman it was my idea.”


penndragon at 2006-05-06 22:06 (UTC) (Link)
:::bounces::: I know why you HAD to write this :D It was the first 3 minutes, wasn't it? Admit it, you were squeeing like a fangurl when Zach looked up at that screen and saw Angela and the 3 weeks a year guy and his face clouded over, weren't you?

The hangpuppy look was sooooo cute :D

And so is this :::grins::: It's more than a drabble, it's the start of... something! :D

warchio at 2006-05-07 12:39 (UTC) (Link)
Angela has a boyfriend? Since when does Angela have a boyfriend?


And it's a drabble :) At least until I get my other WIP's finished.
a2zmom at 2006-05-13 00:48 (UTC) (Link)
complete cuteness. You have a great handle on both of them.
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